Monday, April 16, 2007

A few reviews. . .

Extras: Ricky Gervais. . . . . . (napoleon dunamite voice, wait for it. . . ). . . .yessssssss. Inevitably excited about the series, I must also say I was unequally as disppointed by the fact that the first season consists of 2 discs and six episodes. . . The Office style. In any case, the episodes were greta and the extras on the dvd, well that's where he'll get you. I could not stop laughing at the outtakes - esp those on the second disc. They show the total amount of takes - not one crack-up, but maybe all? of them. . . Good show. . . .

Rome: I felt this show was on par with Deadwood. Anthony vehemently disagreed, and I still can't figure out why - Swerengin vs. . . ok maybe no specific character has that certain. . . what the french call. . . "I don't know what." It's going to be cancelled I hear due to budget, which is unfortunate because hbo shows in general should not be cancelled due to budget, ever. . . next

2001 by Kubrick: I spent a good time watching the first half of this movie wondering how I was supposed to perceive it in the late 60's. I haven't finished it yet. I fell asleep in the middle. It's annoying to do that because you have to over-rewind to make sure you didn't miss a word, etc. . . (This was not really a review, I know. . . . maybe when I finish it)

Ghostface Killah: Fishscale and More Fish: Fishscale is great. Sure, my transition to hiphop feels awkward slightly. I listen to songs like "shakey dog" and "the champ" - great songs - but they're about gats, smokin', big-titty bitches, and regaining past superchamp rapper glory."Pokerface," however, I can relate to, since I have watched Rounders, and I am familiar with all the quotes, which become comedy when John Malkovich is not saying them.


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