Thursday, April 26, 2007

GG Sony Bravia. . .

Here's the only recreation of the events possible. Someone came in through my window, shut the window almost all the way except that a roll of trace paper stopped it a few inches up. They went into my bedroom, removed my sheet from my bed, wrapped it around my tv and left through the door. Unfortunate timing as well, since I had just met up with Alex to grab some food and head over to the hospital to see Ben. We had to wait for the police to come, and then afterwards we headed to the hospital. the police came over to MGH a little later to show me some pictures of suspects. I ruled out 7 of 8 (suspect was based on a mysterious maintenance man that knocked on my door 8 a.m. and engaged me in an awkward conversation about what needed to be fixed). When it seemed as though Ben might be using too much energy acknowledging the presence of his visitors, he decided to call it a night. Now I am going to do something unusual for me (unusual in the past four or five years, that is) and fall asleep without the tv on. I have a lot on my mind regrading cruel and unjust maladies and my experiences tonight. . . .


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