Monday, March 13, 2006

2/28/2006 degenerate bet. . .

"Just tell me I can't do it! Just say it! Just tell me I can't do it! Arrghhh!!!" That's what Will Ferell shouted in the excellent but short-lived t.v. sitcom Undeclared when a student questioned whether he could write three termpapers in 24 hours. He did write the three papers, but whereas he usually got A's on the papers (students hired him to write papers for $50 apiece), this time he got 3 D's, wasting several hours doing speed and trying to beat a video game. . . so anyways, my friend Glenn says he needs motivation to make more money playing poker. He thinks he can play 150k hands of poker in 50 days. That's like 3k hands per day. I bet him 1k he couldn't do it. Also, I have put on a few pounds since I moved to the North End (obv too much Italian food, etc. . . ) So, we agreed on June 1st as the date when I have to weigh below 165 pounds. (I am currently 193) All I have to say is. . . ."Tell me I can't do it!" No one seems to think either of us can do it either. The last time I made a weight-loss bet I lost it - more because I was having a good month playing cards and felt the time and effort wouldn't be worth the closing suffering. That thought will inevitably cross my mind again, but I have already decided that I will let nothing get in my way. We are both taking action as well. . . so far Peter (Diplomat) bet $200 against me, Matt bet $500 against me (he will clearly tempt me by offering to buy all kinds of food and beer, etc. . ), and Steve G. bet $500 against both of us. Anyone else is free to contact me or leave a message here and it will be met for approval and documentation. Glenn once said something like the following: "it is always in one's best interest to make bets with Glen when his laziness is tested. . . ."


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