Monday, March 13, 2006

3/05/2006 Johnnie Walker Gold and laziness. . .

Matt: "I am going to get a bottle of blue and watch the sox at your apt.
"Glen: "Ok."

Those two sentences clearly quantify the ease of making me fall off the wagon at the start of my weight bet. I keep thinking I still have three months, but I also am not considering all the situations that might arise to make it more difficult to maintain a steady pace. The way we consumed the bottle of Johnnie Walker was also clearly offensive. First, Matt showed up with JW Gold, since they did not have any blue in stock. He shows up with Coke and a bag of ice as well. I take out two glasses and throw in some ice. Matt says he needs a bigger glass to mix his with Coke. What??? Well. . . he bought it, and it's a free country. Anyways, it was really, really good. When the night approached the finish line, to use the masterful lyrics of Chris "Parns" Parnell, "my hunger pangs were stickin'like duct tape!" Instead of going to mac on some cupcakes, though, we went to get a slice, which ended up being three slices for me. Both of us left almost a full drink on the table - clearly not expert. So, that was a big step back for the bet, and, without even knowing about my slothful evening with midnight pizza, Canadian Mike decided to put $500 down against me as well. I accepted! :) Then on Saturday I drank gin over at a friend's apt and had a few late night potato chips. Not looking good. . . Glenn btw is ahead of the pace, but there's still a long path to travel.
In other news, I got Strokes tickets for April. I am still trying to decide where to go on vacation this summer. How can I not go to Vegas at least once? It seems there will a rented condo for five that actually has sleeping room for like fourteen. San Fran or LA would be a nice link to plit up time. World Cup in Germany may be the front runner right now. I don't even like soccer, but I want to go to Europe, and I can't imagine going on a vacation with my friend George and not having a great time.

i rule at variance. . .


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