Monday, January 08, 2007

Reflections on the end of the past year and the ensuing year. . .

-I don’t think I am going to travel much this year. I will be going to San Francisco for George’s wedding next month, and then I will probably spend a week in Vegas this summer. While in Vegas, I will be carrying out a spontaneously formulated pool match vs. Canadian Mike. I will receive a one game spot in an 8-ball race to four for $300. I am probably a clear underdog right now, but I can be a scrappy 8-ball player, and if I start playing more anything can happen in a race to four. I think in the back of Mike’s head he is thinking he can parlay this into a larger score given my propensity for senseless wagers, but he will discover I am a huge nit when it comes to betting on pool. (edit: this aim doesn't help, although depending on exactly how bad she was this could mean nothing: "Canadian Mike: so go to strip club, offer this stripper a billiards deal....i give her $200 if she beats me in one game of 8ball, if she loses she must give me 2 free lap dances, and she can shoot 3 times to my one time every time it's her turn. . . "

-The day after Christmas I had a plane to LA at 6 a.m. I went over to Smaz’s to pick up the first season of “How I met your mother” to watch in L.A. (and I actually ended up watching 17 episodes in a row one day out there.) Anyways, when I got back I had some time to kill, so I played cards and got bludgeoned at 30-60 stud8 and holdem simultaneously. Then I played some guy hu 100-200 and lost even more. The railbirds were typing in the chatbox: “(GP), please stop playing him. This is painful to even watch.” I played this guy for a few hours and made a bunch of mistakes, but so did he. I had to quit when I had to go to the airport. I packed in about fifteen minutes. In 2007 I am not playing poker ever again on major holidays. Over the last two years my record is terrible, and it might be fun and mystical to be superstitious anyways. Also, it’s not fun to start vacations (esp. when one will be playing live poker) stuck a package before you board the plane. About two and half hours before returning to Boston, I noticed that I booked my flight for Jan. 30th, not Dec 30th, so I had no flight. This actually turned out ok and only cost me $100 extra to get on a flight a few hours later. The lady who worked for United, after handing me my ticket, said “Dude, you gotta pay attention.”

-I have recently made a personal pact to get healthy this year. This will include regular exercise, healthier food, no ephedrine, less drinking etc. I am starting to feel my age – I have a gut and I am out of breath when I run up stairs, etc. I’ll be between 165-170 again in about two months. Then I’ll start sporting my throwback puma coat and slither around like a slim, trim, smooth city slicker. . . .no prop betting or other form of motivation required tyvm (If anyone does see this as a golden opportunity to make money, I will entertain ideas obv. . .)

-The Squid and the Whale was an excellent movie. I watched it in LA, then I bought it the next day:

It is semi-dark, but I couldn’t stop laughing. Jeff Daniels pretty much pwns this movie, with maybe Eisenberg as a close second, but everyone is excellent in it. Great soundtrack too. I am going to buy it right now. Although the plot of the movie can be somewhat depressing, reinforcing my current pessimism of the degree to which relationships can be successful and fulfilling in the long term in the current era, it is still light-hearted and somewhat uplifting. (In fact, discussions of this movie caused two people to suggest I see a psychiatrist. Why see a psychiatrist when one has friends? I always say. . . isn’t that what friends are for?)

-I am going to try to play less poker this year because I think I should be doing other stuff. I did fine last year, but I had a chance to have a much bigger year and subsequently underperformed during the second half (gambled too much, lack of discipline, needed a respite from grinding). I set my quarterly estimates slightly lower this year to take off some pressure and to try to pursue other interests. I have given some thought to taking up golf this spring as a way to spend more time with my parents, who have recently reached retirement age and have been trying to get me to play for a while now. Actually, this probably won’t happen given my proclivity for avoiding outdoor activities. . .

-A few months ago I was intent on buying a condo before my lease ends next September, but now I’m having second thoughts about tying myself down. I do want a bigger place, so I’m definitely moving out of the North End. It will be nice to get a bigger place and to pay less money. I have enjoyed living in Boston, but I said I would do it for two years, and that still seems to be the appropriate amount of time.


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