Friday, March 31, 2006

G.P. and the Big Nothing. . .

It' Friday at 3 p.m. I was going to go to Foxwoods, but now I don't think I am. Matt is leaving early on Saturday, and I don't want the room on Saturday night, nor do I want to check out early tomorrow. Also, they only have 40-80 holdem and 75-150 O.E. I hear, and I don't feel like playing either of those, or any live poker really, for that matter. Maybe I'll change my mind, but I doubt it.
I'm listening to Ben Folds right now. Ben Folds gets me all fired up to do absolutely nothing. His compositional skills I find uplifting, but I can't relate to his love songs, maybe because I think he kind of sounds too wimpy - if I forced to make an 80's style mix tape for a woman, I could see myself using like Tom Waits over Ben Folds. The best song on the album imo is Late, which is about Elliott Smith, one of my favorite musicians:

Elliott, man, you played a fine guitar
And some dirty basketball
The songs you wrote
Got me through a lot
Just wanna tell you that

But it's too late
It's too late
No, don't you know
It's been too late
For a long time

Sad. So life for the past week has been ok. I went on a date on Monday and had a great time. We had some drinks (JWBlack for me and compares for her), then dinner with wine, then more wine at her place she watched the first three episodes of Sopranos season 6 with me at her apt. so I could catch up on the season. Anyways, I emailed her the next day and never got a repsonse. I spent the next two nights sipping whiskey, followed by MGD, and playing cards, kind of being semi-bummed out in general - prob broke even for the week, but the month ended up very well considering I was stuck until about halfway through March. My old roommate invited me out tonight for adult beverages and maybe a little red rover (ok. . .maybe he was joking about that). Instead of a Foxwoods trip report involving silverbirds and adventure, maybe I'll post one about Friday night - I'll leave my silverbird at home, but maybe there be some unexpected adventure. I talked to my mother today and she told me I have to go by the house to pick up all these Maxim Magazines that somehow have been getting sent to my parents in my name. Maybe I'll pick them up and give them to some scuppah like Szymaszek. Also, she told me I need to the read the Boston Globe article on how "the industry of my past-time is going to be going down." I could tell she really enjoyed telling me this. . . There may be a Todd Witteles interview coming soon. I think some of the questions I asked him were kind of dumb, though, which might be why I haven't heard back yet, maybe I'll resubmit. We'll see. . . .more to come soon. . .


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