Saturday, April 29, 2006

GP is told to meet The Cowboy


GP, in his Honda Accord, makes his way up the canyon. As he nears the top of the canyon the residential area gives way to desert brush. The road winds steeply up to a dark dead end where an old barn and stable sit. GP parks in a little dirt lot and walk up past the barn to the corral. His eyes grow accustomed to the dark and he.looks about. No one is around. There's only a light wind and a few twinkling stars in the sky above. Suddenly some bare bulbs hanging from the corral gate flare up. GP hears a noise in the brightness and turns. There walking toward him into the light is the Cowboy - dressed in clean blue denim jeans, well-oiled unscuffed, beautifully engraved cowboy boots, a red embroidered ivory buttoned cowboy shirt complete with string tie. Atop the Cowboy's head is a 10 X white Stetson. The Cowboy is smiling warmly as he approaches. He stops in front of GP and begins to speak with a true, slow Western drawl.

COWBOY: Howdy!

GP: Howdy to you.

COWBOY: Beautiful night.

GP: Yeah.

COWBOY: Sure want to thank ya for drivin' all the way up to see me from that cozy North End apartment.

GP: No problem. What's on your mind?

COWBOY: Well now, here's a man who wants to get right to it. Kinda anxious to get to it are ya?

GP: Whatever.

COWBOY: A man's attitude ... a man's attitude goes some ways toward how a man's life will be. Is that somethin' you agree with?

GP: Sure.

COWBOY: Now... did you answer cause you thought that's what I wanted to hear or did you think about what I said and answer cause you truly believe that to be right?

GP: I agree with what you said...truly.

COWBOY: What did I say?

GP: That a man's attitude determines to a large extent how his life will be.

COWBOY: So since you agree I guess you could be a person who does not care about the good life.

GP: How's that?

COWBOY: Well, just stop for a little second and think about it. Will ya do that for me?

GP: Okay, I'm thinking.

COWBOY: No. You're too busy being a smart aleck to be thinkin'. Now I want ya to think and quit bein' such a smart aleck. Can ya do that for me?
GP: Look ... where's this going? What do you want me to do?

COWBOY There's sometimes a buggy. How many drivers does a buggy have?

GP: One.

COWBOY: So let's just say I'm drivin' this buggy and you fix your attitude and you can ride along with me.

GP: Okay.

COWBOY Now I know a few things. I know you have had a stressful past two weeks. You're probably thinkin' I don't know the half of it, but in actual fact I know every part of it. The business of you feeling stressed out lately, compromising some parts of life for others...

GP suddenly looks stunned, unsure.

COWBOY (cont'd): realizin' you worked hard for a while and then add on to that the sickenin' feeling that you aren't confident you won't chunk off more hard-earned money playing big games in another few months. It can be a vicious cycle, but some days are like that. They are rough, but what will tomorrow bring? Will it be better than today? The same ... or worse? A lot of that is up to us individually. Up to us and our attitude. You need to fix your attitude and start taking life a little slower, but you need to work harder and faster. In time, you will begin to trust your judgement again and get back in a good state of mind. For the next few months, when you log on and hit the 30/60 tab, you're going to say "This is the game." The choice of sites can stay- that is up to you, but the limit is not up to you. Now, you will see me one more time if you do good. You will see me two more times if you do bad. Good night.

The Cowboy turns around and is engulfed in darkness.


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