Thursday, August 31, 2006

results. . .

Yes, I was told that I look "just like" Leann Rimes. . .

Well I am sorry I have never posted but the answers, but here they are. . . .Glenn won with 11/20. . . .landslide – next highest was 7/20. Later we made a random $50 bet on who would win a Matusow/Benyamine 1k/2k match, and I lost that too, so Glenn suggested I just give him a copy of my pokertracker database in lieu of $150, which I may do. In any case, the answers are as follows:

1) c. I didn’t get in any fights as a kid, even when kids made fun of my hair – I just kept it all bottled up inside :P. Also, I had a rather controlled temper. . .in public, so I didn’t throw clubs etc., although I did throw a few tennis raquets after years of beatings by my father, who always kept me in the game and gave me frequent leads. . .4-1, 5-3, etc, but never let me win.
2) b. It was said about a year ago.

3) d. It hasn’t come out yet.

4) c.

5) Wilco – AM, Beth Orton – Trailer Park, Liz Phair – Whip Smart, and The Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street

6) b. I thought people would guess d. for obvious reasons, but actually most got this right. Good job everyone.

7) c.

8) d. Most people guessed a. I would have guessed that too I saw this question a week before it happened, but something about that guy just tweaked me. I wanted to put my hand through the phone and grab his tie and smack him.

9) b.

10) b.

11) c.

12) c.

13) b.

14) b.

15) b.

16) c.

17) d.

18) b.

19) b. I hate these guys so much for no good reason, but I was forced to go to the concert, and now I just like hating them. I spent half of the show sitting/lying on the grass thinking how much I didn’t want to be there and exactly how big of a tool the lead singer was while on stage.

20) d.


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