Thursday, September 21, 2006

Home game #2 scheduled for tonight. . .

My place is a mess, though. I have an eye appointment at 4:30 and not much of a window to clear off the massive pile of mail, bills, records, and other assorted random stuff off my table. The lineup will be Anthony, Matt Smaz, myself, and possible Daryn Firicano. Anthony has made it clear that is prepared to "bring it," warning me of the impending doom for us, stating "I am going to smoke bet the pot every button." He then said we may have to do something about the $400 cap per person per hand. This may happen, I dunno. The other interesting dynamic of the evening will be to see how Matt's irrational disdain for the placement for my desk within my apartment will unfold. Every time I have talked to him since I rearranged, the first thing he says is "Have you moved that desk yet?" Apparently, a computer should be positioned in front of a wall, the desk should touch the wall, and the chair should face the wall. Having the chair between the wall and the desk is unacceptable, he feels.


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