Saturday, September 02, 2006

I run good and bad all at once. . .

I came back from New York late last Saturday night, so I left my car acroos the bridge in Charlestown and planned to move it, but I could never get out of bed early enough to do so, and I was always too lazy to do it after work. On Friday I went online and saw that I had a ticket on Wednesday, so I called Smaz to see if I had like 12 more tickets or if my car got towed or something. I only had that one ticket. . .then today I went to drive to Maine to hang out with Tim before he moves to DC, and of course my car wouldn't move. It's all locked up for some reason. It's like the brakes are always jammed but they're not. I walked home. It was super windy and I had no coat. I am joking around with Bran on aim abotu my car when I say "Give me a ride to Maine."

Bran: which part
GP: portland
Bran: LOL
Bran: DONE

So he was going there anyways. Nice. And, I just bluffed the river with JT on a K 9 8 2 9 board, got called, and I won. My car is still broken, though. A demain. . .


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