Sunday, November 05, 2006

Foxwoods Redux. . .

Of the last three times I had said I was going to Foxwoods after work on a Friday, I only ended up going once. This time I actually motivated and got down there at 9 p.m. Smaz asked me to pick up a cell phone charger for him on the way down, and I didn't. He was pissed. On to the weekend highlights:

-MS: "I don't want to go into the gen. pop, wanna each put in 2k and get some drinks and play some bj?"
GP: "ehh, how about 1k?"
MS: "Ok, so 3k total?"
GP: "Ok."

-GP: "How about we just go to the poker room in a few? Lock up this win?" MS: "Alright." GP: "What?? Really? You'll go?"

-Guy in 40-80 game, after I bet the whole way and then fired a river bet extra hard at the 3 Q T 9 J board: "What? You've got to be kidding me!" MS: "A8 alllll day!" Guy, while calling: "Oh, this is sick." GP: A8!

-Guy from before at 40-80 before tanking a river call vs Matt on a 7 5 2 7 A board: "Ok, you got an ace you win." MS: "No ace." (rolls over 7d2d)

-MS: Hey can we get a comped breakfast buffet? We were playing earlier. . .
Floorman: You. . . were playing in here?

-MS: "So what are you doing? Going to down to the poker room and checking on the lists and calling me if the game is good?"
GP: "Nah I'm gonna take a bath. . ."
MS: "What?! Oh my God, I'm taking a nap."

-MS, after Matt, dressed in his Bobby Bellande gear of white socks and flipflops, and Feming played some bj: "So what are we doing? Going upstairs, putting on shoes, and coming back downstairs?"

-MS, before the three of us lost shortstacking a 25-50 nl and 25-50 plo game: "So, which of GP's accnts are we gonna bust?"

-MS: "So can you send me some stars?"
GP: "Sure, if you say it's ok I didn't get the phone charger because I am always helpful with transfers. . . "
MS: "Ok I don't want any of your stupid money!"

It was a fun time, even though foxwoods is pretty much the worst. I saw a preview for a new Diane Arbus movie that I thought looked good, starring Nicole Kidman, but all the reviews I've read so far say it's below average.

Arbus photos.


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