Saturday, May 20, 2006


One Friday after work, Chris, Brian, the other Chris, and myself were talking about fireworks. Every Fourth of July, Brian and Chris each have a party (not the same party) and get donations from friends and buy around a thousand dollars worth of fireworks. Once Brian drove back from North Carolina with probably enough fireworks in his trunk to warrant a five year jail sentence, made several deliveries to different people, and for what?. . . . for the pure enjoyment of watching little explosions in the sky. (It should go without saying that Brian is also in a bowling league - the obvious sport of choice for people that like to smash things and watch explosions). They asked me to come to the party this year. Chris said he bought an ice luge last year. The cost? $300 for a block of ice. I had to say that I would rather spend $300 on a block of ice that people drink from than get $1000 worth of fireworks for $325. In other words, I think the value of both is about zero, and watching fireworks blow up is like watching money burst into flames and ice luges are like money slowly melting into vapor. I think strippers fall into the category of fireworks and ice luges. The reason that I have to place strippers a notch higher is that, when I think about it, I would much rather be looking at attractive naked women than not looking at attractive naked women. So, last night was Szymaszek's roommate's 28th birthday, and some people came over and they got strippers. . .

(The Ultimate Party Photo! front: Bran, Jamie, Anthony "Dreamclown" back: Mike, Matt)

At one point, Matt says, "GP, please get on the floor I HAVE to see that. . . " So, I did. I had a nice buzz from the Johnny Walker Blue I had been drinking courtesy of Bran. (tyvm Bran, I shipped some $$ to stars for you. . .) I had two strippers jumping around all over me. I saw money raining over me. Then all of a sudden, I got really ticklish and started laughing - I couldn't help it. After like five minutes, one of the girls asked, "Are you having any fun?" "Umm, yeah that was great." I resumed my vertical position and began socializing again. I know you're not supposed to take pictures of strippers, but how could I not take this picture of Bran?

"Do you guys wanna turn the tv off?" "No."

The original Back to the Future is on tv now. I like this movie for a few reasons, but I realized the best part seeing it for the tenth time: One of the guys that rolls with Biff in the 50s is wearing these huge, white squarish glasses - they look like the original 3-D glasses they handed out at Jaws 3, but like 4 times bigger.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice shot of Bran, well done Glenn. That tatoo on her ass should clearly be over her crack though, not on the upper right buttcheek. The heels are however, a nice touch.

5:40 PM  
Blogger G.P. said...

That's Glen with one "n," sir. I'll let it slide this time. . .

11:42 PM  

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