Friday, June 23, 2006

Experimental Jet Set, Ephedrine, and Diet Rock Stars. . .

So I get back from Europe and realize my ephedrine supply has run out. Ephedrine is a convenient over-the-counter drug that helps me get less sleep that I would normally require and, in turn, maximize the amount of time I can spend in a day on things I like to do or not do. It was banned for a year, then unbanned, since the FDA could not legimately tie it to the deaths of athletes (Korey Stringer, some Orioles pitcher), who both died during preseason workouts after strenuous lengthy sessions in sweltering heat. You can't get it at GNC anymore, and the reason I am told is because of the fact that in the face of future legislation, the chain would need an insanely large insurance policy, which they don't feel like getting or dealing with. So here's the connudrum: I get it at, and it used to cost $9.98 for a bottle of 48 pills. I usually take two a day in the morning, and sometimes two more at some point throughout the day - but usually just two a day. When I went to get more, it explicably jumped to $29.99 a bottle. Sigh. . . after about 8 minutes of deliberation, I realized that this didn't matter to me, and I bought two bottles. The realization that I may buy more in the future lead me to ponder my expenses and realize I spend a large % of my money on stuff that has no real value - food, drinks, ephedrine, cabs, etc. Also, I hate keeping any kind of financial records. With poker and online banks, it's easier because all transactions result in emails and some form of documentation. After that, though, I have no idea how much I really spend. So, I have decided to strart documenting what I spend my money on every day. I won't include my standard life fees (rent, cell, cable/int, car insurance, netflix, etc) unless they are what tennis players would call "unforced errors:" parking tickets, late payment charges, here's the first entry dating back to my initial ephdrine purchase on Wednesday, in no particular order:

Ephedrine (2): $29.99
Starbucks Double Shot: $2.17
late parking tickets (3): $90
New Sonic Youth album: $16.99
Chili and Caesar Salad, Diet Coke: $16.00 w/tip
Side of Chicken Fingers with Teriyaki Salad: $15.87
There's Nothing Wrong With Love - Built to Spill; Oh You're so Silent, Jens - Jens Lekman; You In Reverse - Built to Spill; Broken Boy Soldiers - The Raconteurs: $52.33
CHELSEA WALLS - TWEEDY,JEFF WILCO; TRUE LOVE WAITS: O'RILEY PLAYS RADIOHEAD - O'RILEY,CHRISTOPHER; The Best Of Guided By Voices: Human Amusements At Hourly Rates - Guided by Voices; St. Elsewhere - Gnarls Barkley; The Eraser PRE-ORDER - Thom Yorke: $54.43 (I just wanted the gnarls barkley, but I went off for a package :/ - not typical weekly expenses obv)
2 Diet Rock Stars and a slimfast bar: $7.85
Eggs, homefries, toast, and coffee: $5.75
Wilco and Billy Bragg DVD: $17.99
A book called "Miss Misery" by Andy Greenwald, which was endorsed by Klosterman - "This is the emo Fight Club": $12.95
Starbucks Double Shot, Diet Rock Star, and one liter of Diet Coke: $7.19

*Stoxtrader has come out with videos of him playing 4 30-60s (also 4 1k nls) with commentary, and he's selling them for like $30 I believe. This should be well worth it, so i'll probably get those as they come out. High limit ($300-$600) videos are coming out soon as well. Lee was just telling me that he folds KJo in the hijack seat (co+1). . . KJo in the hijack! (As I am typing this I just 3-bet KJo from the sb to a co raise 5 handed, is that wrong now too?), but will raise K8s - that tidbit alone may be worth the price of the video. He apparently says he ran the numbers on large sample sizes of both hands. . .stox is also collaborating on a book which should be excellent based on the sample excerpt form his website (follow the expert millionaire link to the right).

Also, Schneider was given the job of reporting the WSOP in Vegas for seven weeks for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, MN, where he just finished studying journalism:

After one terrible session of 30 where I played horribly, I went on a 4k downswing in like 300 hands multi-tabling short 30s on Party, Mike suggested that maybe he had helped take some of that money off my hands. He wouldn't reveal his new handle to me, even though I have my guesses. In any case, that prompted to retire my previous emlyfischer handle. I have a new one now. Since Mike linked my blog to his wsop blog, though, I will give him a hint and say my new handle is the name of a famous journalist. He will now probably figure it out and continue to pick on me at the tables :/. I would prefer that he just stay in the 100 game where he belongs, though. . .


Blogger Zero said...

i was just wondering how you change handles on partypoker... probably a stupid question and i may figure it out myself before you respond...

oh well check my blog if ur bored anyway

10:50 PM  
Blogger G.P. said...

Well I know it was in "my account" on the web page somewhere. I think the option is missing on mine because you are only allowed to change it every six months. I think you go to profile and next to screen name there is an option to change it. . .

10:59 AM  

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