Thursday, June 08, 2006

Eurotrip: Intro

Going to Europe tomorrow!

I am terrible at packing. My mother knows this, since I always forget something every time I go anywhere. She decided to try to be helpful, so she made the following list for me, which I think is rather amusing:

-Airline Tickets
-Credit Card
-Traveller's Checks
-Foreign Money

-Pants (5)
-Shirts (6)
-Sweats (2)
-Boxers (9)


Hygeine Kit:
-Razor, Shaving Cream
-Soap, washcloth
-Nail Clippers

Health Kit:
-Contact Lens, solution

-Travel Alarm Clock
-Plastic Bag for Soiled Clothes

I think the funniest parts of the list are: sweats, 2 (I have not worn sweats in like 6 years); pajamas (I have not worn pajamas in like 17 years); hairbrush (I do not brush my hair); Nail clippers (I am going away for one week); Bandaides (I completed elementary school 18 years ago); Sunblock (I make sure not to expose myself to this for longer than a half-hour at a time); Umbrella (I suck it up and walk fast, or I take a cab); watch (watches are so 3 years ago); Itinerary (that takes away all the fun); soap and washcloth (nice hotels, tyvm - will not exactly be roughing it). . . .anyways, I'm sure the list will at least make me remember to bring my passport. . . .

I spent three hours at work today preparing itunes for my new ipod nano. It's hard to decided exactly what 59 albums to put on, but I think I have a mix that will cover all my listening desires. I also filled out one of those myspace 137 question surveys - the kind that asks questions like, "Do you have a crush on someone?" and "If you could make out with one person, who would it be?" Even though it must be geared towards middle school and high school kids, I found some of the questions to be very thought-provoking. "Who Is the last person I yelled at?" "What were is the best bedsheets I had as a child?" "If I were a crayon, what color would I be?" "If people from high school saw me today, what would they think?" Anyways, I spent like an hour and fifteen minutes on the survey, then I closed the browser by accident :(. . .

I watched Crash last night, and I thought it sucked. Chris from work summed it up perfectly when he said, "I'm never watching that movie. . .everyone I know that doesn't really think about anything loved it, and everyone I know that actually thinks about stuff hated it. . . "

Well, there should be some adventures in the future to discuss, unless the cowboy makes his now inevitable visit and ruins my trip. . .


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