Sunday, June 04, 2006

Game over. . .

Ok, the bet is over, and to no one's surprise, I lost most of it. Glenn bought out of it by overestimating my ability to make a last minute push and gave me $750 instead of risking a 2k loss. Matt and Steve have been paid. I owe Canadian Mike $500, but he is telling me to hold onto it for further action on the pool table in Vegas this summer, since he seems to think he can run it up into a preliminary event buy-in. I am such a nit in pool that I doubt that will happen (and I know he plays gooood), but we'll see. . . Peter and George will get their $200 soon. . .

On Thursday night, which is the day the bet ended, Matt wanted to get some food and grab a few beers, as he had just spent the afternoon moving two of his friends into new apartments. I suggested we go to Bacco on Salem St., since they open the windows on the first floor in the bar area, and it was nice out, and I wasn't that hungry and just wanted a few drinks. We couldn't get seated at a table, but ten minutes later we got a table upstairs, which is where the restaurant is. . . So, obviously we went off for a package - several appetizers, main course, a few bottles of wine etc. It was A LOT of food, so I went out in style. . . .

Friday after work I headed back down to Foxwoods to hang out with two old friends. Yes, I know I had less than kind words for that establishment in my last entry, but it's all about the company, and it was time for a weekend gathering with Tim and Aaron. It took an extra 45 minutes to get there due to rain and traffic, but I made decent time considering. I strolled in, hoping friday night would have better games than sunday morning -----> Nope. There was a $75-$150 h.o.e. with a list of six, and I knew it wouldn't move. There was a $50-$100 h.o.e interest list with 10, but they never called it. So, I just sweated Tim and Aaron a little bit in their $4-$8 games:

-I watched the 9th inning of the sox game, thought about how George's bud John is in town, and I have just been waiting for his team to inevitably fall apart in order to then remind him of his earlier statement that Detroit was the best team in baseball. (note: pppfffttp!). Sure enough, they did the unthinkable and Youkilis hit a two-run homer with one out left of almost-automatic Todd Jones --> gg John.

-Tim plays very tight. In two hours I saw him voluntarily play like 2 hands. I know he was getting bad hands, but I like to give him shit anyways. He had a hand that I thought he should have easily 5 bet the river with 99 on a J J 9 4 2 board, but the old guy was a little scary. He called a raise, but then waited to the river to make a move, and he got all shaky like only an old man with the nuts: "I raiiisse." Tim three bet and he instantly said, "Reee-raiaise." I still would have throw in the 5 bet and then called a reraise. He had 44 and I called Tim a fish. He redeemed himself by playing a hand expertly in the same orbit, though.

-I realized I wasn't getting in a game, so I convinced them to hit the bar. After last call, they all wanted to play short-handed, which wasn't gonna happen, especially since there were three of us. So, we sat in a $4-$8 game. Everyone at the table was the most annoying person ever times three. That was that.

-The next day I was on the fence about playing, but I wanted to cash in my silverbird. Yes, the silverbird is the same chip I meant to cash last weekend. Anyways, we ate a nice breakfast, strolled in at around 3 p.m. Again, the board was a joke - no big games except a few $75-$150 studs and a short $75-$150 h.o. It's like just Foxwoods to break my balls - they take out the other game I like from the mix. I drifted over. Some guy from A.C. was in the game. This, I decided, would be my barometer, since this guy will either book a small win, or get really, really stuck and stay up for two days and lose a package. He looked refreshed and happy, so I just said f it and decided to say my goodbyes and head back to Boston. It wasn't until exit 6 on 95 that I realized I forgot to cash my silverbird. . . bah.


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